What are we looking for

Does your bird talk, chatter, make strange sounds or imitate your surrounding?

We are creating an open sound library that has such recordings in any language.

You can record your bird with any audio recorder, your phone or a camera that has audio recording capabilities. If you have a recording that you want to share with us then upload it here.

All formats are welcome as long there is audio information included.

Once an audio file of your bird has been evaluated, cleaned and edited, you will receive a message to the email address provided if any parts of your recordings have made it into the aves loquendi library.

Tips & Tricks

Thank you for supporting this project!

Please note : We need to respect our winged friends at all time. What ever their need is we try to connect emphatically, only then we will see or hear what they are willing to share freely. We do not support any illegal trafficking of exotic birds.


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